Information for Developers

The developer can source tender submissions from builders, but it is in their best interest to invite Buildchoice builder brokers to get involved.

Due to our relationships with builders we know what they are capable of and what job they are looking for next.

Builders recommended by Buildchoice are always competitive due to a number of criteria because Buildchoice:

  • Knows the preferred location where the builder wants to work;
  • Understands the amount of work builders currently have on and have coming up; and
  • Study the type of building being built and will find the best builder for the job. The builder that is geared to build that type of construction and size of the project in the specific location.

The benefits of using Buildchoice to top

Buildchoice builder brokers assist developers to:

Save money, time and effort. Obtain the most competitive price by being introduced to the builders with the experience and motivation to construct your project.

Source award winning, Government pre-qualified and green builders. These are otherwise unreachable builders who thrive on referral work and do not compete for open market tenders.

Access Buildchoice’s extensive network of builders specialising in all project types, sizes and designs.

Reach thoroughly screened builders. Buildchoice interviews builders and performs builder licence, reference, history, finance and insurance checks.

With all procurement methods and contracts.

By working alongside your current builder selection processes.

Provision of Equity and Joint Venture Partners to top

Buildchoice has the capacity to assist in maximising returns from a development by introducing builders with equity seeking joint venture opportunities.

Buildchoice adds value to any project by providing partners with suitable experience, industry knowledge and the capabilities to exceed finance provider requirements. Buildchoice also reduces risk by drawing from various investment sources, therefore reducing exposure.

Our strong strategic alliances with companies who are looking to invest equity into projects are facilitated through their strong balance sheets, asset portfolios exceeding billions and high turnover.

The process to top

Buildchoice builder brokers can assist you at various stages of the development process. This includes:

  • Once a feasibility analysis has been completed for the development.
  • After all project documentation and specifications from statutory authorities have been obtained.
  • After initial construction costing is acquired.
  • Prior to speaking with builders.
  • After builders have initially been approached or tenders have been called.
  • If costings have been obtained from builders, but are unsatisfactory, due to time, cost or other reasons.
  • If the existing builder is unable to complete

When Buildchoice builder brokers become involved, the following process usually applies: